Weight Loss


Chicago CBM Weight Management

This program helps those who:

  • Have tried every diet without without permanent success
  • Binge eat or compulsively overeat
  • Have medical complications that make losing weight vitally important

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Why Does CBM’s Approach Work?

Participants receive an individualized approach to learn how to overcome the biological and psychological forces that make permanent weight control so challenging. They receive support that enables them to manage these forces through enhanced self-awareness, stress management, and positive focusing skills.

When appropriate, we use:

  • Modern appetite control medications, and
Outstanding Results

Our Center’s outstanding results have been cited frequently in professional journals (including Obesity, International Journal of Obesity, Healthy Psychology, Obesity Facts, Addictive Behaviors, and Cognitive Behavior Therapy) .The following links show the hundreds of times these studies were mentioned in the professional literature in recent years: Google Scholar and National Library of Medicine.